Diana Mullis

Wordsmyth: storyteller, training and

development facilitator, performer,

motivational speaker.

How do we all start learning: STORIES! One of the most compelling ways we can be more effective in our communication is to tell stories.  Everyone has one, every person, every teacher, parent, preacher, administrator, salesperson, manager, director, chief executive. But do we all know how to tell our story, how to use it to the greatest effect?  Are we able to get our story or message across? Do we engage? Are we really saying what we believe? Do we really believe in what we are saying. In this complex and diverse world, increasingly dominated by electronic communication, storytelling provides something all people have in common.  Storytelling is an effective tool when used as a vessel to carry information whether we want to teach, challenge, motivate, persuade or sell.
          Diana is a wonderful storyteller, a motivational speaker, and is versatile and fun to be with.  I highly recommend her to you”. Professor Sir Ghillian Prance    former Director Royal  Botanical Gardens, Kew. You see, Diana has the Gift.”    Sir Tim Smit, Co-founder and former  chief Executive of the Eden Project.
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